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Update May 2nd 2024: Tennis is Cancelled! 

Weather Policy 2024

The safety of all children, parents and staff members is the first concern of Tennis Titans when making decisions about weather. Due to the ever-changing Illinois weather we have developed a weather protocol so that all coaches, parents, players & spectators know what we plan to do in case of inclement weather.

1. Call or text us if it looks bad before you leave your house to head to the courts 630-650-5603.

2. It is best to assume that all practices/games will be played as scheduled unless you hear otherwise.

3. The courts get slippery quickly, but we will try to practice safely in sprinkling rain or light snow flurries.

4. We will practice in cold temperatures. • Please feel free to have your children wear extra layers as well as stocking caps and gloves.

5. If a weather event is forecast but has not happened yet, we will practice as scheduled.

6. When a weather event happens at the courts during practice/games, we will take a 10-15 minute break to see if the storm will move out if there is a safe shelter near the courts. We will then make a decision to see if the weather has cleared and the courts are playable. The weather events referred to above would consist of a downpour of rain, heavy snow or lightening.

7. In the event of lightening, we will need all kids to leave the courts immediately and seek shelter.

8. We will make-up two days and we will look at available options to provide accommodations when needed. However, in the interest of keeping with the originally scheduled dates for the season, more than two rain cancellations may not be made-up. If that is the case, we will offer a goodwill discount toward a future season, but no refunds will be issued. Please remember that we can’t control the weather, only our attitudes towards the weather. We live in Illinois where the weather can change quickly and unexpectedly and we just need to hang on for the ride.

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